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Porsche museum

Excellence in automotive engineering presented in exceptional architecture - opened January 2009.

By now, the Porsche Museum, which is located at the headquarters of the sports car manufacturer in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, has welcomed more than 4,5 million visitors from all over the world.

ticket. international guarantees that all areas of the museum provide optimal service for visitors and Porsche fans. The fully integrated Dolphin system is specially adapted to the needs of the Porsche Museum. ticket. international offers a comprehensive solution for the following areas:

An ingenious system of operator permissions ensures safe and fast processing at every point of the process. A special pricing system is responsible for ensuring that visitors and Porsche Club members receive the prizes they are entitled to.
The shop cash registers are supplied with data directly from the group-wide SAP system and also report the daily sales figures there directly.

The integrated management and event management completes the solution for the Porsche Museum and, together with the professional team of the Porsche Museum, ensures that every event is presented successfully and puts the brand in the right light.

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Pathé Netherlands

The market leader in the Netherlands cinema market Pathé, operates 27 movie theatres and multiplexes throughout the Netherlands.

With more than 217 screens, 40.000 seats and roughly 2.000+ employees, Pathé is a major player in the European cinema market.


The market leader in the Netherlands cinema market Pathé, operates 27 movie theatres and multiplexes with more than 217 screens, 40.000 seats and roughly 2.000+ employees throughout the Netherlands. Pathé is a major player in the European cinema market.

Since 2006, Pathé Netherlands is working within the entire corporation with the Dolphin product line provided by ticket. international. At this point in time, our Dolphin product line including the central server concept was a critical factor for this decision.
Nowadays the data centre of Pathé is set up to guarantee a smooth operation of the entire cinema chain. 1000 workstations are directly connected to the central system with the administration, purchase of films, management and the entire box offices.

For the online and mobile ticketing, Pathé is using the professional interfaces from ticket. international. Beside box-offices, combo POS and concession POS, Pathé emphasizes the importance of ticket. kiosks. In total, Pathé utilizes 150 kiosk-systems from ticket. international.

Moreover, in case of a line failure, Pathé is safe. In this particular case, the Dolphin product line provides an offline mode. The affected site remains fully operational and can continue its sales without any interruption through this sophisticated mechanism. The database will be automatically synchronized after the recovery of the connection

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Enormous development and performance – from a local cinema operator to a medium-sized enterprise with 10 cinema locations!

This is the story of Heinz Lochmann.

In the following welcoming lines, Lochmann Theater expresses in a few words, what is most important for Heinz Lochmann with his dream palaces in 10 locations across Germany.
„Plunge into the world of the movie theater enterprise Heinz Lochmann! We would like to invite you for a special experience in 10 cinema sites and together with our own film production- and rental company “three-friends”, we bring great films to the cinema, but not only in ours! We are cinema! „

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Cinema locations

The latest news are, in 2020 Lochmann Theater intends to open the Imax Hall, which will also house Germany’s largest cinema screen. „The new cinema will be equipped with the groundbreaking Imax laser experience and, with a width of around 38 meters, will have the largest screen ever built in the world,“ the company says. And ticket. international is happy to take part in this event and to support their success.

More than 90 POS-systems, display computers, back office-PCs ensure a smooth business flow in all Lochmann enterprises each day. Lochmann´s POS-stations, back office workstations, interfaces and online- as well as mobile-ticketing and even the head office is supported by the data centre of ticket. international. Due to the advanced technology of ticket. international, Lochmann Theater is able to minimize the costs for all ITK-systems and manages all its 9 cinemas more efficiently.

The all in one Dolphin modules have been recognized by Lochmann Theatre as an opportunity to deploy a synergistic suite of software technology across its circuit. This helps Lochmann Theater to optimize its guest experience and business operations.

With the ticket. international Central Server concept, Lochmann Theater does not need any more any expensive server equipment on each site. The server capacities are managed and provided in the data center. The control of fragile data transfers, updating servers, backup etc. belong in the past.

Furthermore, the online-ticketing from ticket. international has become a very important sales channel for the movie theater enterprise Lochmann. Together with ticket@web all cinemas are accessible around the clock.

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