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Without a doubt, a system is only as good as its users, we know this and that is why you receive from us all the necessary information so you can successfully work within your new system.  We train you and your personnel, Topic based and based on activities on-site or even individually via scheduled appointment in Daun.  You have a 3rd party hardware or Network specialist, no problem. We will provide your other providers with our knowledge, without holding back. This is how we guarantee your success.

But don’t worry, our software is easy, fast and intuitive to use!  Your Service staff will be capable within a few sort moments, to service your customer perfectly.

ticket. international offers you different training concepts. Usually, we propose the "train-the-trainer" concept to administrators and manager.

These training courses are part of each project and agreed with you, so that the system is operated by your staff in the way how your internal rules and processes make necessary.

In addition, we also offer individual training. For example, in personnel change. Ask us, we always have the right offer for you!

Our Team is available for you also after the purchase – this we guarantee!