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CRM means at ticket. international – "Magic Moments"

Seduce your customers to the wonderful world of the art, entertainment, and illusion. Communicate the uniqueness of your offer and bind your customers.

Use our multi-functional CRM module to achieve your concept in successfully. We offer you the detailed management of customer data, secure recognition of purchasing behaviour of your customers. With our business rules you define the actions that are executed while purchasing a ticket or collecting tickets – you decide what goals you want to achieve with your customer loyalty / bonus system.

Whether for individual clients or in the B2B sector, we can realise your concept!

Do you want a simple, effective customer loyalty system, or should it be a linked Promotion?

Be constantly inspired and give your creativity free run. Only in this way marketing campaigns can be implemented successfully.

Turn occasional customers to heavy users.


Additional information:

  • Vouchers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Bonus system (points, discounts etc.)
  • Campaigns / promotions
  • CRM tools

Fast, secure and simple, this is also true for our CRM module – simply MAGIC!