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The premium pickup at the manufacturer.

Since the opening on 20.10.2007 a system from ticket. international was specifically adapted to all individual needs of the BMW World team.  Both the collector and the daily visitors are managed via the fully integrated system.

Extensive interfaces ensure that our system operates perfectly with all other systems in the BMW group. In this case, the consumer already has the possibility to reserve a pickup date at his/her local car dealership. When the customer comes to the BMW World, arriving at the reception, the BMW employees are compiling an individual visiting program with our software. The fixed delivery date of the vehicle is the central point for all additional events on that day which will be planned or booked immediately into the system from ticket. international, pending on availability.

A personalized loyalty card serves as an identity card in the BMW World. Provided with a barcode, this card is the key for all events which the collector can use together with his companions on that day. Whether a facility visit, a visit in the BMW museum, a coupon for the restaurant or a promotion article in the BMW shop, all values assigned to the card will be individually compiled and reserved for the collector. If he/she makes use of it, in this case, the appropriate values will be redeemed, as well. 

Even for a regular visitor, the BMW World offers an optimal visitor service with the system from ticket. international, too.  All guided tours and events will be administrated via the fully integrated system of the product line DOLPHIN, as well. 

From a turnstile control with a capacity control in the BMW museum, to a waiting list function for the events, up to a guide management in the BMW World, our software ensures, that your visit will be a positive experience.

That is visitor service at the highest level!