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Enormous development and performance – from a local cinema operator to a medium-sized enterprise with 6 cinema locations!

“Welcome!” Plunge into the world of the movie theater enterprise Heinz Lochmann! We would like to invite you for a special experience in six cinema sites and together with our own film production- and rental company “three-friends”, we will bring great films to the cinemas… but not only in ours! We… are cinema! 

These welcoming lines on the webpages of the movie theater enterprise Lochmann expressing in a few words, what is most important for Heinz Lochmann with his dream palaces in Schorndorf, Waiblingen, Esslingen, Nürtingen and Biberach as well as the Löwenlichtspiele Rudersberg, the Kant Cinema in Berlin and the Passage Cinema in Hamburg: “heart’s blood” and an almost unlimited fascination for good cinema.

ticket. international is the partner for technology and software of the movie theater enterprise Heinz Lochmann. After considering all possibilities, Mr. Lochmann made a commercially absolutely right and pioneering decision. Due to the advanced technology from of ticket. international, his enterprise can minimize the costs for all ITK-systems. Finally, he achieved this because of a support and hosting contract with ticket. international. All his companies with all POS-stations, back office workstations, interfaces and online as well as mobile-ticketing and even the head office are supported by the data centre from ticket. international. Since the beginning of 2012, the hosting partner is a professional and highly secure data centre of the “Deutsche Telekom AG”.

Mr. Lochmann does not need anymore any expensive server equipment on site. The server capacities are managed and provided in the data center. The support effort for his systems could be reduced to a minimum by him.  The control of fragile data transfers, updating servers, backup etc.; for Mr. Lochmann all that belongs in the past. As a matter of fact, he must not worry about the installation of regular updates from ticket. international. Thanks to the software-deployment of the product line DOLPHIN, he is always up-to-date!

More than 90 POS-systems, display computers, back office-PCs ensure a smooth business flow in all Lochmann enterprises each day.

Furthermore, the online-ticketing from ticket. international has become a very important sales channel for the movie theater enterprise Lochmann. Together with ticket@web, all cinemas are accessable around the clock. That is customer service at the highest level!

Whether a small, medium or a large company, ticket. international has the appropriate solution for each size!