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Our technology is trend-setting!

Our product line DOLPHIN is a highly integrated system for ticketing, hospitality / gastronomy, sales, access control, guided tour management and event management. In addition to the sales modules are extensive management and reporting modules, focus of the product line.

DOLPHIN offers a central server solution with 3-tier architecture, a central database (ORACLE 11, Sybase SQL or MS SQL), the application server (C++) and the web systems (php). The frontends are programmed in Delphi. Standard PCs with windows operating systems are supported as hardware.

The central Server is either located in the headquarters or in a data centre. For smaller customers, we provide a safe and cost effective hosting contract in our Deutsche Telekom data centre.

Due to central solution the headquarters is at any time up-to-date on the figures and revenues of the whole enterprise. Our solution does not require an error-prone data transfer and has a unique offline mode in case of network failure. This means that that your business is still fully operational even if the line to the data centre would be interrupted. After reconnecting all data is automatically synchronized.

Our Technology requires very little bandwidth and is safe and fast and requires minimal administrative effort in comparison to other systems, and cuts your costs – from day one!