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For cinemas, museums, events and theme parks…

Online ticketing, fast & secure entrance control

The central All-in-One solution for ticketing (online and mobile ticketing), entrance control, kiosk systems. Flexible adjustable for your needs.

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Cinema multiplex chains


Take advantage of a modern, fast and fail proof ticketing system. Flexible to scale for cinema chains and big multiplexes.


Museums & exhibitions

Our access controls ensure the highest level of security while minimizing the waiting time for your customers. Nothing else should be expected from a modern, digital solution.




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Why Dolphin?

Our product line Dolphin is a highly integrated system for ticketing, gastronomy, sale of goods, access control, management and event management. In addition to the sales modules, the Dolphin product line also focuses on extensive administration and reporting modules.

It’s Amazingly Easy

Dolphin is easy to set up and easy to use—your staff will love it. And as part of your setup service, Dolphin will migrate your existing user data to your new system, so you don’t miss a step.


We listen to our customers and their great ideas are developed and are part of our system. Together we make your business more efficient and enjoyable.

It’s Affordable

We have different price models that fits different business size.

One Unified System

Dolphin offers a multi-integrated solutions, needed for the effective management of daily cinema activities from ticketing, point of sale, CRM, sales and marketing to stock control, management and reporting, HR & timekeeping, event management, inventory tracking, rental reports, entry control and more. Have total control with one unified system.

Open system

Integrate Dolphin into third-party apps, such as an existing CRM, advanced analytics, accounting and much more! We offer interfaces for almost all purposes.

It’s Cloud or local

It is a cloud or local, newly emerged technology, as desired in the cloud, private cloud or on site in the cinema.
Because Dolphin is cloud-based it’s accessible anytime, anywhere. The registration and membership data as well as the reports are always available, secure and up-to-date.

We solve your individual tasks and problems with the correct use of our products.


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