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Discover the new cinema world

Easy administration & happier visitors
Fully booked cinema halls are the result


Simply sell more tickets

On-site, online or directly from your smartphone.

A fail-safe system perfectly tailored to you, allowing you and your staff to sell more tickets, snacks and more. Of course faster, flawless and easier than ever before.

Your benefits

Benefit also from a modern, fast and fail-safe ticketing system. Flexible to customize, whether for small or large cinemas or entire cinema chains.

Entrance control

Fast access - low waiting times

Easy access with a wide range of options ensures less staff effort and fast entrance into your cinemas. Ensure a maximum of safety and a minimum of waiting time. Modern and fully integrated into your system.

Let your visitors access the cinema halls quickly and easily – doesn’t matter if with an old school ticket or a modern smartphone – for your cinema visitors, the experience already begins before entering the cinema hall.

Your benefits

Request your individual free consultation

Your personal consultant. Non-committal and free of charge.

Our CRM Ensures sold-out cinemas!

Do not just manage your customers.
Bind your customers for the long term.

Create a high customer satisfaction and build up a loyal customer base. Our CRM solution will bring more visitors into your halls and make them happier than ever before.

Convince yourself in just minutes without any commitment of a solution, that will totally thrill you.

Your benefits

Get to know the purchasing behaviour of your customers and increase your sales and customer satisfaction. Long term, profitable and easy.


Administration that saves time!

Central control, infinite possibilities and maximum time savings.

All information at any time at a glance. So you can make the right decision at the right moment. For better handling and a simple but powerful management right in your hands.

Learn how your management software can help you reduce the workload, planning, and profitability of your business in the future!

Your benefits

Full control, regardless of where you are.

Digital real-time information

Gain the full attention of your customers

To ensure your visitors have all relevant information at hand any time and any where in your cinema, our digital signage system is the best solution. Whether it is used as program overview, guide or to transmit important information in real-time – your message will always arrive correctly.

We will quickly show you without any obligation how you can ensure a smooth visit at your cinema for your guests.

Your benefits

Request your individual free consultation

Your personal consultant. Non-committal and free of charge.

More extra features


The variety of interfaces makes it possible to connect a variety of systems and technology with each other. So everything works together smoothly.


The cinema operator provides the required hardware, such as workstations and a suitable internet connection (DSL). The cinema operator pays only per ticket sale. Everything else ticket. international takes over.

Event manager

Manage and plan your events effortlessly, even at several locations. The connection to the back office is already integrated.

Dispo planning tool

The easy way to manage and plan your shows. Fast, efficient and flexible, no matter the situation.


Our answers to your frequently asked questions

Dolphin is one unified ticketing and management system from the company ticket. international, which includes the modules needed to run your business efficiently, whether cinema, museum or amusement park. Because the Dolphin system is cloud-based, it is easy to set up and use, making your data accessible in any device, anywhere and anytime.

ticket. international is a solution provider for Cinema, Museums, Exhibitions & Events, Amusement Parks. Although, Dolphin system works great with businesses of all types in the entertainment and leisure market.
We do believe in that offering an exclusive positive customer experience is a reflection of how things work internally. A system that supports your back in every aspect of your business, will directly help you to focus on other more important points, to give to the customer that unforgettable experience. Dolphin offers a multiple integrated solution needed to manage effectively your business´ daily activities from ticketing, point of sale, CRM, sales and marketing to stock control, management and reporting, HR & timekeeping, event management, inventory tracking, entry control and more. Dolphin is emerged technology and can be set up as desired in the cloud (Dolphin Cloud Solution), private cloud or on site. Because Dolphin is cloud-based, it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, without additional cost on servers.

Your mission is our priority.
We help you to migrate to our system and make this process fast and with less discomfort for you.
We believe that the inner mission of every business is to create and offer value to the customer, and if that is with less investment, even better. Choose between different pricing models. Choose what suites your budget best. Get in contact with us, together we will find a solution.

It does not matter how perfect a system is, if you can not use it!
Without a doubt, a system is only as good as its users, we know this and that is why we will provide you the necessary training and information, so you can successfully work with Dolphin system.

Our system is easy, user-friendly and intuitive to use. Within a couple of days you are ready to use the Dolphin system.

Within couple of days you will be ready to use Dolphin system.

In case any help is needed, our Customer Support Team is available 24/7/365.

Yes! Dolphin system is compatible with industry-standard point of sale hardware, including printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. And with plug-and-play support you don’t need to be an IT genius to get it set up. Also Dolphin is compatible and could run on your own hardware.

Dolphin system can run on most existing hardware, talk to us to check compatibility. We also can provide hardware in case you need it.

Dolphin is a cloud-based technology that can be connected to multiple sites with a single server. No additional server, no additional costs.

You don’t have to worry about the migration, leave the process on us. All the data transfer from your existing system to Dolphin is included with our standard setup and implementation program and includes products, customers, all business information etc.
The only thing we need is a database backup that you need in your new system.

Our helpdesk is available by phone and by e-mail, at night, on weekends and holidays. We offer 24 / 7 / 365 service!
Additionally, if you are busy to call us or write an email, you can open a ticket and in less than 24 hours, your problem will be solved.

If there is a problem with the internet or you are offline for another reason, with Dolphin you can still keep working like nothing happened.

With Dolphin „offline mode“ your business is fully operational. All sales channels and visitor services run without any failure, even the digital signage / information system. After reconnection to the data center, the data is automatically synchronized, and the central features are available again.

Due to the central solution, the company headquarter is always informed about the latest figures and sales. Our solution does not require a fault-prone data transfer and has the unique offline mode in the event of network failure. This means that your company is still fully operational even if the line to the data center is interrupted. When the connection is restored, all data is synchronized automatically.

Imagine you are a chain and would opt for a system which requires a database server, a web server and a communication server for data transfer on each location. Hard to imagine which costs and expenses will be incurred. The installed capacity per site, you cannot use efficiently. Due to security reasons you permanently maintain over-capacity on each site.

Dolphin solution puts an end to unused IT resources. Through our cloud-based solution, you only invest in the headquarters or data center and you will use the full service using just one server.

Permanent monitoring of data transfer or replication of data to the central location is unnecessary. All transactions take place in real time and online.

Don’t hesitate and talk to us. Without compromises, we will advise you. We will listen to your questions and we will help you to make the right decision.

Increase your revenue with a perfectly adapted ticketing & sales solutions

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