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Simply sell more tickets

Increase your number of visitors and shorten waiting times.

Just sell more tickets

Take advantage of an intuitive system.

Combine the possibilities of selling tickets, goods or food & drinks and offer your visitors a whole new customer experience whether on the spot, at the cash desk, at the counter or conveniently from your PC or smartphone – Your customers will feel well looked after and served everywhere.

Your benefits

Our solutions are flexibly adaptable and optimized for museums and exhibitions. With us you can easily sell more.

Flexible, efficient & scalable

Simplify sales and grow with your system.

We know how quickly things change and how much important it is for you to respond quickly and always be flexible. With our Dolphin system you have the possibility to customize everything according to your wishes. You can streamline your processes, hire more people, manage exhibitions, and directly increase your revenue opportunities.

Your benefits

Request your individual free consultation

Your personal consultant. Non-committal and free of charge.

2 Clicks. 1 Sale.

With one unified system you can sell more and faster than ever before.

With only 2 clicks you have already sold a ticket. It can be that easy with Dolphin.

The Dolphin product line is aimed at entertainment & leisure companies. We are particularly proud of our highly efficient system of museums and exhibitions that will help you achieve the results you desire. We have synergy and efficiency in all areas.

Your benefits

Anyone who knows his customers and can read their wishes directly from their lips will become a hero of their time for them.

Technology saves time & money

Cloud based system for unlimited possibilities and maximum profit!

You need the right information at the right time to make the best decisions. Our system is fail-safe and is available to you anytime and anywhere. You receive all important information immediately and prepared as you need it. Experience unlimited availability when you really need it!

Experience unlimited availability, when you really need it!

Seduce your customers at every opportunity

Attention is the key to success.

Spread your message in the world and to your customers, because if you do not communicate, you do not exist!

We give you the tools to optimally solve the needs of your customers. Let us convince you and take full advantage of your possibilities.

Your benefits

Request your individual free consultation

Your personal consultant. Non-committal and free of charge.

More extra features


The variety of interfaces makes it possible to connect a variety of systems and technology with each other. So everything works together smoothly.

Digital Signage / CID / Info System

Our digital signage / information system is a real eye-catcher. It immediately attracts the attention of your visitors. Advertise your products and inform your visitors on displays or monitors of all sizes.

Event manager

Manage and plan your events effortlessly, even at several locations. The connection to the back office is already integrated.


One application for everything! Whether restaurant, shop, POS solution or concession cash register - all sales and goods flows run through one module: the merchandise management system.

Increase your revenue with a perfectly adapted ticketing & sales solutions

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