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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Add a WOW factor to impress your customers and create unforgettable customer experience!

Synchronize trailers, time showing and ads across multiple monitors, as well as price list information, Happy Hour Prices etc.


Show to your customers information about current offers, discounts or ads available at the moment in your venue. With our fully integrated Digital Signage info-system you answer the everyday questions of your customers with high quality design and bring important information to the right place.

  • What is running today?
  • Which are the upcoming events?
  • Are seats still available?
  • How long is to wait
  • What is the entrance fee?
  • Streaming information about what is going on.
  • Which Promotion are now available?
  • Etc.

There are no restrictions to the types of displays. We support any size, whether horizontal or vertical. And with Digital Signage Manager you take control of the command center for your visitor information system.

Impress, Attract and Inform