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Event Programming

Event Programming

Dolphin. Dispo for a greater synchronized performance!

Dolphin. Dispo represents the basic element of Dolphin Product Line. From here, all logical and logistical processes like planning and creation of events, as well as scheduling and setting the corresponding prices set/type, are organized.

Dolphin. Dispo module does not need data transfer, it’s an online concept based. This module allows you to manage the different sales channels and decide when and for which price the tickets are sold.


Right from the head office, with our Dolphin. Dispo you gain time and control with features like timelines, price sets with automatic control of the surcharge and the individually configurable 3D-surcharges, your weekly planning is done correctly and quickly.

Extensive and easy export and import functions (e.g. Rentrak / EDI-Import or Maccsbox) take from you a lot of work. The schedules are created and distributed automatically. Plus, the easy integration with Trailer Management and interfaces to TMS-systems and other suppliers for digital content perfectly complete the product.

The simple integration with trailer management and interfaces to TMS systems and other providers of digital content round off the product perfectly.