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Mobile Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing

More than an App!

Exactly this was the keynote for developing Dolphin. Mobile Ticketing. It is a browser-based mobile application. Dolphin. Mobile Ticketing allows all your customers to get informed, reserve tickets and F&B, or buy them directly just in seconds.


Customers, from anywhere with any smartphone, can: choose shows, view seating plans, buy tickets and items, schedule event time, access event information, watch trailers, reserve and purchase.
The functionality is impressive. At the end of the booking transaction the customer receives a QR-code confirmation with which he can go directly to the Entry Control access. When the customers desire to make changes, they can do that without any problems, is it be at the box office, at one of our kiosk systems or be asking one of your personnel persons.

With Dolphin. Mobile Ticketing you will reach every customer, quite simple and without limits!