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Sales Terminals – Kiosk

Sales Terminals - Kiosk

Skip queues!

If you would like to alleviate your cash point, avoid queuing and ensure high availability, then our Kiosks offer you the optimal solution. Offer your guests self-service systems at the highest level.


Our Kiosks are the perfect self-service terminals that fits into every foyer/hall. They are modern, timeless and high-tech. In addition to the pick-up functions, our Kiosks offer the best service when purchasing Tickets and Concession. Weather by debit or credit card, cash, and as well as Wallet Apps all payment methods are covered. On request, the Kiosks can also provide a receipt or a voucher, which is printed by the built-in printer.
Dolphin. Kiosks are a combination of attractive design hardware and maximum efficient software, that help you to relieve your sales operation and offer a brilliant customer´s experience!

We focus on user-friendliness and modern design. We want a perfect solution for our customers. The Kiosk´s door swivels to almost 270 degrees allowing full access to the interior. Maintenance and control can therefore be done very quickly.
Our smart Kiosks support the direct purchasing and pick-up process whether via mobile ticketing or online.

Delphin. Terminals sind eine Kombination aus attraktiver Design-Hardware und hocheffizienter Software, die Ihnen helfen, Ihren Verkaufsbetrieb zu entlasten und ein
brillantes Kundenerlebnis zu bieten!

Customer service with the highest level!